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Our Team


Adarsh Hiremath


Adarsh is a high school student who lives in the Silicon Valley of California.  For the past five years, he has been heavily involved in various leadership positions at his schools including serving as the President of the student council in middle school and as a sophomore representative in his current high school. These leadership positions have involved intense fundraising efforts.  An ardent programmer, he wishes to bring access to technology to all who need it.   He has been involved in various activities within the local City of Sunnyvale and works closely with City Council member Nancy Smith on local cybersecurity projects.  As a founder, he is intimately connected to the cause of the organization and spends a lot of time in giving back to the community. Adarsh along with Mohul provides the vision, direction and guidance for all projects of this organization.

Mohul Aggarwal


Mohul is a high school student who lives in the Silicon Valley of California. He has served in the role of Secretary and Volunteer Relations in the youth chapter of Vibha (a non-profit organization) for the last three years. He has lead programs such as the Spelling Bee and Math Competitions as part of the fundraising efforts of Vibha.  Mohul works closely with Sunnyvale council member Nancy Smith on local cybersecurity projects.  As a founder, he is intimately connected to the cause of the organization and spends a lot of time in giving back to the community. Mohul along with Adarsh provides the vision, direction, and guidance for all projects of this organization.

Board of Directors

Meena Gupta

Chairperson + Fundraising

Meena is a hardware computer engineer and works as a senior chip design lead at a top semi-conductor company in the Silicon Valley. She has been a part of Vibha, one of the most visible non-profit organizations in the Bay Area.  Meena has served as the Director of Marketing for Vibha’s various fundraising events for the last four years.  She brings an immense amount of fundraising experience and core values to this organization.

Anuj Aggarwal

Dr. Anu Ganguly

President + Projects/Communication

Anu holds a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and is a tenured professor at an educational institution in the Bay Area, California. Anu has spent over 25 years in teaching and research in various universities and colleges across the USA. She carries a wide variety of experience in grant writing and developing and articulating new curriculum with local educational partners. For the last 15 years, she has been attached to Pashchimi, a renowned non-profit in the Bay area.  In addition, she has been active in the Democratic club, and in the Sunnyvale City initiatives. She has recently completed the “Global Literacy Certificate” program which places her in a valuable position within this organization.  


Anuj is a software engineer.  He works in a management position leading globally diverse teams.  His core strength is leadership experience spanning different companies with specific focus on customer relationships and business building.

Ken Hiremath

Secretary + Technology Officer

Ken is a Software Engineer with 25 years of experience in the field of computer networking, software and security. He comes with a deep understanding of technology in the industry along with a teaching background. He is passionate about teaching computers and computer security to kids and elders. Ken advises the organization an all aspects of cyber security and computer training.

Board of Advisors

Valerie Chown

Valerie and her husband, Tim, live in the bay area and are passionate about St. John’s School.  They are committed supporters of the St. John’s school and have partnered with it since its inception in 2013.  They continue to be actively involved in the development and funding of the school.  Valerie is in regular communication with the founder/director (who she met in 2009 on her first of 9 trips to India) to discuss ongoing operations, project planning, and needs and development of St. John's.  

Dr. Aashish Chourey

Aashish holds a Ph.D in Physics and serves as the Director of Business Development at a top scientific instrumentation company based in San Diego. His parents came from a rural background and have strong ties to the village of Khidgaon. He visits the local village of Khidgaon 2-3 times a year and assists in helping the children at the village through personal and family donations.  Aashish has been actively involved in educational fundraisers with Asha, a major non-profit organization in the USA.  Aashish brings a wide variety of fundraising experience and global corporate connections to this organization.    

Pam Chesavage

Pam has partnered with Valerie in supporting and advising St. John’s School since 2016. Pam has visited St. Johns and is committed to seeing it succeed by helping with fundraising, supporter communication, and website development. She has experience in establishing several nonprofit organizations and currently serves as a foster parent in Palo Alto.

Dr. Chittabrata ghosh

Chittabrata holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering and works as a scientist in one of the worlds largest chip companies. Endowed with a keen philanthropic mindset, he actively works towards extending internet services and facilitating distance learning of children deprived of education in rural parts of India. In his spare time, Dr. Ghosh involves himself in volunteering services in and around the bay area. Chittabrata is a graduate of the Ramkrishna Mission school system and is connected to the Jhargram Eklavya Residential School through multiple philanthropic efforts.

Jasneet anand

Jasneet Anand has over 12 years of experience in nonprofit strategy, program management, marketing communications, fundraising and event management in corporate and nonprofit environments. She is passionate about community building, kids involvement in community services, dance, health and education. Currently she leads the Bay Area Action Center for Vibha (a non profit organization) and works full time in high tech industry as a Program Manager.

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