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Why is it important to have an access to the Internet?

How many children lack access to the Internet?


  • In a recent report by UNICEF, 346 million youth are not connected to the Internet

  • This is unprecedented in comparison to other continents like Europe where 96% of youth have access to a computer


Why is access to technology so important?


  • Disconnected from the digital world, disadvantaged children are not gaining the same opportunities to learn, communicate, and utilize the 21st century skills they need to thrive 

  • The lack of adequate computer access deepens the inequity between generations


What are the impacts of gaining access to computers/Internet?


1. Socioeconomics

  • For disadvantaged children, digital technology would offer new opportunities to receive a quality education

  • Technology opens up new avenues of innovation and learning which allows these children to escape cycles of poverty


2. Gender Gap

  • In certain countries, approximately 12% more men have access to the Internet than women 

  • Giving computer access to children no matter what their race or gender reduces the gender gap in terms of technology exposure

What is the importance of Digital Citizenship?

What is a Digital Citizen?


  • A digital citizen is anyone who has the skills to comfortably interact with digital technology like the Internet


Why is being a good Digital Citizen important?


  • Interacting with one another through the Internet is useful, but can come at a cost if not done correctly

  • Online cyberbullying, phishing, and sexual harassment have all become more prevalent throughout the Internet in recent years

  • Educating youth on how to responsibly react to these types of issues is the only way to maintain safety on the Internet


What does being a good Digital Citizen entail?

  • One must have a responsible attitude

  • One must behave properly and safely online

  • One must learn to balance screen time

  • One must understand issues surrounding privacy and data protection


What are the benefits of being a good Digital Citizen?


  • Improvement in overall well-being

  • Cyber threat prevention

  • Positive Internet use

  • Higher academic performance and opportunities

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