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Ram Krishna Mission School

Kamarpukur, West Bengal, India


Donation is made specifically to the  Pallimangal (medical) Dept To support Computer Training Center to needy girl students .


Ram Krishna Mission School, Kamarpukur,  is a school that educates girl students from very poor and impoverished backgrounds.  This school is situated in the remote area of Kamarpukur, West Bengal.  Prior to GCL funding, the only access to computer education that the students of this school had was a single computer with no internet access. About 80 students would share and huddle in front of one computer hosted on the hotspot of the teacher.  The GCL funding will enable this school to buy computers and use some of the money to afford internet at the venue. The GCL support will enable the students of RKM, Kamarpur to finally access a reasonable computer education, a badly needed skill in todays age of technology. 

St. Johns School

Dantherapalli-Giddalur, Andhra Pradesh, India

St. John's School provides an English medium education to children in a very remote, poor, and rural area in Andhra Pradesh.  It serves the poorest of the poor in 13 villages that are located within 5 miles of the school.  Many of these children come from a class of society known as the Dalits or "Untouchables" and have few to no options to get a quality English education which is very helpful in India.

St. John's School opened in 2014 with 2 grades and 36 students (8 girls).  It is in its fifth academic year and has grown to six grades (pre-K to 4th) and 225 students (71 girls). St. John's is accredited and adheres to the Indian government educational requirements. 


Providing the students at St. John's with a computer lab will allow them access to an amazing amount of information, as well as allow them to grow and develop in their ability to read, write, create and interact with the Internet. The incredible programs now available through the internet will enrich the lives of and deepen the breadth of education we can provide for the students.

Khidgaon Village School

Khidgaon, Madhya Pradesh, India

Khidgaon is a remote village in India with a population of 2000 people and about 473 houses (mostly mud homes). The rural community in this part of Madhya Pradesh totally depends on agriculture and almost all the people’s livelihood in this region depends on farming and working in the fields. In the past few years, this region has had unusually low rains and has been badly affected by deforestation due to severe effects of climate change. 


The only hope for the success of this region can come from educating the masses and providing them modern tools such as educational resources available through the Internet. In absence of a sound curriculum and qualified teachers, the school can use educational packages available for teaching via the Internet if only there are computer terminals with access to the internet. Providing computer literacy training to these students in middle and high school will allow them to look for alternate sources of employment in the neighboring areas. This way, they will be not forced to continue with the failing farming profession of their parents.

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